Q. What are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are 8am-8pm, seven days a week. 
Here at HMH West Caldwell Care Center, we realize the importance of having family and friends involved in the rehabilitation process and therefore encourage and welcome supportive visitors.

Q. Can my doctor come here?

All physicians who are licensed and meet the general accreditation process are welcome to be affiliated with the facility. However, Check in with the Administrator or Director of Nursing to facilitate the process.

Q. Can I bring in my medicine from home?

Medications are not allowed to be brought into the facility. The New Jersey State Department of Health has strict restrictions regarding this. However, you may bring a list of your medications and dosages to discuss with the clinical staff when you are admitted.

Q. What is the difference between Medicare & Medicaid?

Simply, Medicare is a federal program based on a person’s physical condition and their ability to rehabilitate. The maximum coverage is 100 days with co-payment process. Medicaid, which is funded by the state, will subsidize a person’s care in the facility if they are financially needy. Each program has very specific guidelines that must be adhered to in order to continue eligibility.

Q. Does Medicare pay for everything?

The Medicare program specifically will pay for certain areas, such as a semi-private room, medications, and treatment. Medicare will not pay for things such as beauty salon services and a private room. Please contact our Admission Director for further explanation.

Q. Can children and pets visit?

Children are always a welcome addition to the facility. HMH West Caldwell Care Center also participates in various intergenerational programs with the local schools and religious organizations. We are a “pet friendly” building….so please let us know first if you would like to have your pet visit.

Q. Is the facility licensed?

HMH West Caldwell Care Center is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. The facility participates in a rigorous inspection annually. As a consumer, you are entitled to view our surveys and inspection results as they are public records. Ask us to assist you in viewing our most recent surveys.

Q. What is the difference between a nursing home, assisted living and a sub acute facility?

Each of the facilities offer a type of care based on the needs of the person. 
In some cases there are overlapping services.
Assisted living offers an environment which provides meals, some light housekeeping, a variety of activities. There can be additional care givers to assist with medication and hygiene issues.
Skilled nursing care facilities, also known as SNFs offer the most nursing care, as these patients/residents will have the most complex medical conditions. SNFs offer long term care 24 hour services for those who cannot stay at home without assistance. Often a SNF has a sub-acute unit which provides intensive medical and rehabilitation to patients who had a recent hospital stay. Their stay in the facility is not long term. However, in certain cases the sub-acute patient will become a long term care resident.

Q. Do you have nurses on staff every day?

We are proud to have a exceptionally qualified staff of licensed nursing personnel seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our staff is specifically trained to meet the needs of those we serve. The clinical leadership at HMH West Caldwell Care Center provides on-going in service education to all our staff to ensure access to current medical trends and methods. In addition to our nursing staff of Registered (RN) and Licensed Practical (LPN) Nurses, we hire caring Certified Nurse Assistants who will gently assist you with your bathing, dressing and toileting.

Q. What kind of activities do you have?

We offer a wide variety of stimulating programs which include health discussions, aerobic exercise, musical events, and outdoor programs led by Certified Recreation Therapists and staff. The facility has dedicated various areas of the building to accommodate the interests of the population it serves.

Q. What is the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy?

Occupational Therapy focuses on retraining someone who has had a recent loss in functioning. Occupational therapy, referred to as OT, will teach people how to accomplish. such tasks as dressing independently, cooking, and bathing. Physical therapy, PT, deals with physical mobility such as walking. Our OT and PT teams work together to achieve the best outcomes for those people who come to HMH West Caldwell Care Center for rehab by tailoring a specific treatment plans.. In the New York metropolitan area, which prizes excellence in healthcare, we are proud to have one of the finest teams of therapists.

Q. Do you allow smoking in the building?

The facility strongly believes in promoting good health, thus smoking is not permitted in the building. The staff will gladly escort residents who choose to smoke to one of our outside pavilions. 

Q. Can a person stay in your facility long term?

The facility has a dedicated a specific area for those who choose to remain at the facility. Luxurious private and semiprivate rooms are available which can be personalized with your belongings. Please contact the Admission Director for further explanation and to arrange for a private tour.

Q. Do you offer religious services?

Clearly religion plays a vital role to many people. The activity staff has established programs of worship and will gladly contact your personal house of worship. 

Q. Do you take insurance?

HMH West Caldwell Care Center has contracts with multiple managed care companies and are certainly willing to review any specific financial questions that you may have.

Q. Do you have any Social Workers on staff?

An experienced staff of social workers will assist you prior and throughout your stay. They will confer with your physicians and other professionals to ensure that you receive any adaptive equipment necessary to expedite your recovery process.

Q. Do patients/residents have choices of meals?

Yes. Selective menus are available

Q. Do you provide Kosher meals?

The facility staff will gladly arrange for Kosher meals per requests.

Q. Do you have a dietitian?

Along with taking pride in the beauty of our building and its quality nursing care, West Caldwell Care Center has the luxury of having it’s own fulltime dietitian who oversees the specialty diets prescribed by your physician. We strive to prepare food on site that is pleasing to the eye, to the palate and to supporting your well-being!

Q. Can we bring in food from outside the facility?

Sure…please make sure it is within your dietitian’s and physician’s recommended plan. If there is a special occasion, ask our staff where you can have some private space.

Q. Are Subacute patients required to eat in the dining room?

Subacute patients may choose to have meals in their own rooms.

Q. Can a patient request food other than at scheduled meal times?

Yes. You can request food at other times.

Q. Are laundry and labeling services available?

Yes. Private pay patients will be billed for those services.

Q. Do subacute patients receive assistance with discharge planning?

Yes. The Social Worker and Rehab team will assist you in making arrangements for home care and providing physician ordered equipment.

Q. What about out patient rehab services?

We have an outpatient gym and team of therapists to provide those services deemed necessary by your physician.

Q. How are we informed abut the patient’s progress?

You will be invited to meeting to discuss care, rehab and discharge planning.

Q. What about TV, telephone and hair and nail salon services?

We have it all and your Admissions Director will discuss these services with you.


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